HDF Blog Entry on HDFql

HDFql – the new HDF tool that speaks SQL Introducing HDFql If you’re handling HDF files on a regular basis, chances are you’ve had your (un)fair share of programming headaches. Sure, you might have gotten used to the hassle, but navigating the current APIs probably...

HDFql 1.2.0 Release

We are happy to announce the release of HDFql 1.2.0! To feed community needs, a few priorities were swapped to simplify our user license and start offering support of hyperslabs. We hope this comes as exciting news! This version includes: Support of (regular)...

Simplified License

We’ve simplified our license in order to improve information to our users. With this, we want to underline that HDFql is free to use and subject to a completely standard freeware license. The new license is available at: hdfql.com/resources/LICENSE.txt

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