Researchers, engineers, data managers, and students using the data format HDF5 currently waste a lot of unnecessary time managing HDF5 files. That is because to date, the APIs available for HDF5 have been highly complex. With HDF5 becoming increasingly common in the big data arena, a faster and simpler solution is needed

Imagine being able to handle HDF5 files with a language as easy and powerful as SQL. Today this becomes a reality via our release of the freeware HDFql.

HDFql stands for “Hierarchical Data Format query language” and is the first tool that enables users to manage HDF5 files through a high-level language. Not only that, HDFql allows users to both read and write HDF5 files across a variety of operating systems and programming languages (Windows, Linux, OS X; C/C++, Java, Python, C#).

HDFql was designed to be simple to use and similar to SQL, thus dramatically reducing users’ learning effort and time needed to manage HDF5 files.

For illustrative examples and to download HDFql for free, visit