We are happy to announce the release of HDFql 1.4.0. HDFql now supports not only C, C++, Java, Python and C#, but also Fortran. In addition to this, we have resumed the availability of distribution packages for Mac OS X.

This version includes:

  • Support of Fortran (Linux and Mac OS X only – Windows will be supported pending user interest)
  • New wrapper for C++
  • Debug static and shared libraries
  • Updated reference manual
  • (Please check the release notes for further details)

What’s next? Pending interest from the user community, future versions of HDFql are expected to include:

  • Support R
  • Support Julia
  • Support BLAS operations on the fly
  • Support dynamically loaded filters
  • Support compound datatypes
  • Support enumeration datatypes
  • Support access to distributed data stored in HDF5 and Hyrax OPeNDAP servers
  • Support H5Q and H5X APIs (querying/indexing features from The HDF Group)

If any of these features are of particular interest to you or your organization, please reach out to us!

For heads up on releases and the latest on HDFql, we welcome you to connect on twitter.com/hdfql